Luxury kitchen with Swarovski crystals

Luxury kitchen

Spanish company  Auro is that specializes in creating great cuisine collectively. High quality offers products for 25 years. Interestingly, redlaga modern solutions with a great eye for detail craft.

   For its 25 year anniversary, they created this luxury kitchen and stripped. Her name is Crystal25 and very well describes the benefits in. doors are inlaid with Swarovski stones cristals. Kitchen perfectly combines modern and minimalist brilliance of crystals.

Put on the black crystals loopholes our perceptions play nice. Despite the glamorous type of inlays room is tight, thanks to a clean and straight lines typical of modern minimalist interior design.

Of course this kitchen is not only beautiful but also very functional and comfortable to use. Due to the high-tech mechanisms for opening and closing doors, it becomes very easy.

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