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as an integral and essential part of the interior must also be designed and arranged so that it is consistent with the overall design of the dwelling. Very often happens to like or refined minimalist style for a day, but we are fans of classic romantic kitchen or just the opposite. In such cases it is best to decide on whose account will be compromised.

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The trend of "new antique" furniture is on the rise. More and more people prefer their kitchen to look "antique", but behind that exterior to hide all the necessary features and innovations of the modern kitchen. Embedding of kitchen appliances and their concealment behind the counters, which did not differ from the general design of furniture contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in which the feature apparently absent. Control panels also remain hidden to the eye.
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  French Inspiration In The Kitchen Decoration And Design

French "Provence" style is also among the leaders for the contemporary kitchen. With the help of various additives and architectural ornaments ukrasitelni today in the kitchen can be mimic the authentic atmosphere of times gone by. Current are decorative beams in the ceiling, rich ornamental decoration and the frescoes painted on the furniture.

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