The glass Kitchen design

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The glass appears increasingly kitchen surfaces.

The glass Kitchen design

The glass  Kitchen design
Thanks to modern developments for the treatment of the glass, it can be used in areas with a high temperature to areas of intense activity, without jeopardizing the least its entirety or to injure the surface. Quartz won honorable position among the materials for kitchen countertops.

The glass Kitchen design
The glass  Kitchen design

With its variety of colors, glitter and luxury finish, it is an indispensable element for refined cuisine. The Eastern influence in recent years made many recent metal tiles, glass and bronze, which are widely used in the kitchen annex.
And as a summary of what has been said and advice to all of you who you are to get a new kitchen, do not rush primarily with their choice. Make sure you are able to see and judge the "live" what the market offers of furniture and kitchen equipment.

The glass Kitchen design
The glass  Kitchen design and wood
Super useful and full of amenities and innovative mechanisms kitchen, along with the undeniable facilities it offers, must ultimately meet as closely as possible to your specific requirements and habits.

Luxury kitchen with Swarovski crystals

Kitchen colors

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The colors in kitchen

Your new kitchen would look perfect in a different way, depending on the selection of colors and combinations between them.

Wood Kitchen and cabinets
wood kitchen

Cool, light and muted tones, with minimal influence contrast, can optically enlarging the space. Opposite effect is achieved with the use of warm, bright and dark contrasting colors and their combinations. If you decide you to the kitchen stands out with individualism and to impress both you and others, the traditional white you would not help much. Of course, this does not mean that color is categorically excluded from the palette of contemporary cuisine. The effect of pure "sanitary" white can be transformed through the addition of the original successful combinations with other colors or to develop a version of the contrast in textures.

Orange kitchen
Orange kitchen

Orange is quite intense and vivid color, which inevitably attracts attention and is very suitable for the accents and details, except that imported fresh and cheerful mood in the kitchen.

old yellow kitchen
Yellow kitchen

Yellow is the color with which the kitchen will be noticed quickly. Pale shades are better suited to achieve the "solar" atmosphere, while the rich yellow is best used for individual elements and accents, as his excessive intensity could influence aggressive on the eye.

purple kitchen
Purple modern kitchen

Purple is a hit among modern kitchens. Dark shades radiate nobility, but it is better to be used sparingly and not occupy too large areas, suitable as a focus, while the lighter and pale violet-purple shades are preferred for establishment of a fresh and lively environment.

red kitchen cabinets
red kitchen cabinets

Red Kitchen design
red design kitchen
Variations of red kitchens are also favorites today. Red conveys elegance and style and although it can achieve impressive effects should not be allowed to be the dominant color in the coup.

sky blue kitchen
Blue kitchen cabinets
Blue kitchen breathes freshness and cleanliness, relaxing and act relaxed. At its brightest shades of blue creates a sense of ease and vazdushnost in space. The darker blue venerable and security. They appeal to people with a strong personality.

lime green kitchen
Green kitchen
Green cuisine stirs up romance and tranquility, harmony with nature, dark green intuitively associate with visokopostavenost and prosperity.

Sink in the modern kitchen design

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Selecting an appropriate sink

Kitchen Sinks Image
Modern Sink desing in Kitchen

I believe you are all convinced that the sink is the most intensively used area in the kitchen. Each process and accompanying phases begin and end there. This "sensitive" place and it needs the most care to maintain a good appearance. This thinking and planning of any movement or operation should be performed especially carefully and based on that to properly situate all the necessary components that constitute the operation of this zone. This way you will avoid many future inconveniences that would annoy you every day. Choosing the type of sink, you actually predetermining the degree of care for her. Stainless steel sink is still a favorite.
Kitchen Modern Sink

Modern developments offering high quality products with a maximum boost support. Portselanat also offers a wide range of colors and options, combined with enviable strength. Email is not particularly conducive to the sink, since it requires extensive maintenance and is durable. Whacky sinks of copper and bronze is a preferable option for "second" kitchen sink in a classical style. They are used as such or bar sink the initial washing of vegetables and fruits.
Modern kitchen and sink design
   Modern kitchen and sink design

Kitchen Interior french Design and cabinets

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Kitchen Interior Design

Cool Modern Kitchen
    Luxury Black Kitchen Design

as an integral and essential part of the interior must also be designed and arranged so that it is consistent with the overall design of the dwelling. Very often happens to like or refined minimalist style for a day, but we are fans of classic romantic kitchen or just the opposite. In such cases it is best to decide on whose account will be compromised.

luxury kitchen design
                              White Kitchen Cabinets

The trend of "new antique" furniture is on the rise. More and more people prefer their kitchen to look "antique", but behind that exterior to hide all the necessary features and innovations of the modern kitchen. Embedding of kitchen appliances and their concealment behind the counters, which did not differ from the general design of furniture contributes to creating a cozy atmosphere in which the feature apparently absent. Control panels also remain hidden to the eye.
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  French Inspiration In The Kitchen Decoration And Design

French "Provence" style is also among the leaders for the contemporary kitchen. With the help of various additives and architectural ornaments ukrasitelni today in the kitchen can be mimic the authentic atmosphere of times gone by. Current are decorative beams in the ceiling, rich ornamental decoration and the frescoes painted on the furniture.


Kitchen Design that you suited

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Kitchens that you suited

beautiful kitchen

Modern Kitchen Black and White
The kitchen is probably the most special part of the home, where you feel comfortable, convenient and "elegant" to cook their food quickly and efficiently to "rid" of waste, dirty utensils and plates. It is very easy to be lured by beautiful kitchen design and imagine how it would suit our home. But ultimately the main task, which should resolve by choosing a new kitchen is much more related to its function in it to be accurate kitchen in which everything is convenient and consistent with our requirements and habits.

Arclinea Kitchens

Luxury modern Kitchen
         The design is luster "that will" dress up "our desired configuration and will cause us to enjoy pleasant moments with family and friends, to meet the new day with coffee, to have fun preparing our dinner ... So the first step that must take before vturnem in the search for "kitchen" is to take time to make a careful assessment is not what we like in that they use or have used. The easiest and most secure way to achieve this is to prepare your list.

Luxury Kitchen
  Polished modern kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Black and White
   Questions whose answers certainly should not ignore are: necessary area of kitchen work surfaces, volume and distribution of cabinets for storage of products, household appliances, the volumes of the refrigerator, freezer, distances between them, etc.

Kitchen Colors and CabinetsColor Cabinets
     In general may follow some universal rules such as:
- Avoidance of chaotic motion, absolutely intentionally broken appliances and cabinets, minor compromises in favor of design and expense of function;

appliances and cabinets
    modern kitchen appliances
- The oven can be set aside because it is not used particularly often, while the microwave is more often used, especially if you do not have much time and must be close to optimal "working" part because it is in most cases We will be required at different times of day for warming, thawing, preparing food for cooking, etc.;

Dishwasher Cabinets
modern kitchen appliances
     - Dishwasher, if provision for such in their new kitchen, it is advisable to cabinet next to where the store utensils, cups and plates, which in turn must be near the dining area during the day;

modern kitchen appliances
     - Refrigerator would be most convenient if the zone is located to the preparation of products, cabinets with dishes and not very far from the dining area;

refrigerator and cabinets
     modern kitchen appliances
- Correct dimensioning of the volume of the refrigerator and cabinets for storage of raw products is essential and is carried out according to individual needs and habits of the family, how many times a week shopping, etc.;

table or bar plottable or bar plot

    - The need for a small table or bar plot for "quick" meal, breakfast, coffee, afternoon tea, drink also be worth considering;

lighting kitchen
    - Planning of lighting as an important component of equipment can make your occupation of the kitchen not only convenient but also effective.


Kitchen Island

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Kitchen Island

                                         wood Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is large enough, could easily afford a kitchen island. In addition it will be stylish and beautiful addition accent, kitchen island and will provide more usable area. When designing a kitchen island, should be given the necessary distance between the opening cupboards.

Great Kitchen Island

Depending on the specific needs of the island can carry an additional role as an integral part of the layout of the space being freestanding in the middle or used as a dividing element between the kitchen and dining room. Unparalleled convenience, which offers this configuration is the possibility of shortening of distances by organizing
so-called work triangle that connects the desktop, sink and refrigerator.

            Kitchen Island

When the island separates the kitchen from the dining room, it can be developed with two faces varied on several levels, and to perform more than one function. From the kitchen cabinets can be deep and convenient storage of many items, while at the daily island can be formed with open shelves and racks or covered with opaque or transparent glass. This island can become very comfortable and attractive bar with high chairs, a favorite for you and your guests seating position. The island can be equipped with a sink, stove, oven, or simply be used as an area of potgotvyane food for cooking. The island will shine with all his brilliance only if you provide for appropriate target for additional lighting.


                                               Design Kitchen Island

Great Kitchen Design

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Great Kitchen Design

  кухня Mia1 
Today’s contemporary kitchen designs often emphasize universal design principles and eco-friendly materials. Universal design focuses on user-friendly function and utility, making for a kitchen that serves the daily needs of the household, while also providing a comfortable, inviting space in which to entertain guests. Universal design principles call for a kitchen space that is flexible, intuitive to use, prevents accidents, and helps ease food preparation and clean up.


Good host would never neglect the interior design of your kitchen. Well-equipped kitchen boasts all the basic elements of kitchen and household appliances. They should be carefully combined to give a stylish look of your kitchen. Kitchen and bathroom must be practical  plenty of room for cooking in a cozy and tidy place. It is important to combine quality and easy to
clean material with practical construction and mobile design.          


             Warm Yellow Kitchen                                                              

The model reflects the innovative approach in the design of kitchens.S Here you can find a unique comprehensive solution to the situation in your kitchen.Luxury model is based on design, color, harmony and individuality. Haracter is extremely and sense of proportionality measure.


Luxury kitchen with Swarovski crystals

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Luxury kitchen

Spanish company  Auro is that specializes in creating great cuisine collectively. High quality offers products for 25 years. Interestingly, redlaga modern solutions with a great eye for detail craft.

   For its 25 year anniversary, they created this luxury kitchen and stripped. Her name is Crystal25 and very well describes the benefits in. doors are inlaid with Swarovski stones cristals. Kitchen perfectly combines modern and minimalist brilliance of crystals.

Put on the black crystals loopholes our perceptions play nice. Despite the glamorous type of inlays room is tight, thanks to a clean and straight lines typical of modern minimalist interior design.

Of course this kitchen is not only beautiful but also very functional and comfortable to use. Due to the high-tech mechanisms for opening and closing doors, it becomes very easy.


    Luxury Ferrari kitchen

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    Luxury in the Kitchen:  Ferrarri Kicheconcept!!

    Luxury things come in bright red packaging ... Ferrari like this kitchen designed by Kicheconcept! The original design was achieved with sexy curves of Ferrari, who appear zashtemetyavashto in the kitchen. Designer has bet on glossy, glass and shiny red and black accents.

    The kitchen boasts a contemporary and ergonomic design. The sink is located on a curve of "S" shape of the island, behind which are adhering to the wall modules to store belongings. The ergonomic design is complemented by a second and unusual island modeling levels, it is integrated desktop for cooking.


    source : kicheconcept.lu