Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island

                                         wood Kitchen Island

If your kitchen is large enough, could easily afford a kitchen island. In addition it will be stylish and beautiful addition accent, kitchen island and will provide more usable area. When designing a kitchen island, should be given the necessary distance between the opening cupboards.

Great Kitchen Island

Depending on the specific needs of the island can carry an additional role as an integral part of the layout of the space being freestanding in the middle or used as a dividing element between the kitchen and dining room. Unparalleled convenience, which offers this configuration is the possibility of shortening of distances by organizing
so-called work triangle that connects the desktop, sink and refrigerator.

            Kitchen Island

When the island separates the kitchen from the dining room, it can be developed with two faces varied on several levels, and to perform more than one function. From the kitchen cabinets can be deep and convenient storage of many items, while at the daily island can be formed with open shelves and racks or covered with opaque or transparent glass. This island can become very comfortable and attractive bar with high chairs, a favorite for you and your guests seating position. The island can be equipped with a sink, stove, oven, or simply be used as an area of potgotvyane food for cooking. The island will shine with all his brilliance only if you provide for appropriate target for additional lighting.


                                               Design Kitchen Island

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