Modern Kitchen with Sliding Doors Cabinets

Kitchen Sliding Cabinets

Luxury Kitchen with  Sliding Doors
Luxury Kitchen with  Sliding Doors
The modern Italian kitchen cupboard with shelves and drawers has never enjoyed such popularity , thanks to its distinctive characteristics - the hidden sliding doors in your luxury kitchen interior design.

Modern Kitchen Sliding Cabinets
Modern Kitchen Sliding Cabinets
Highly impressive are the bare modern  plots, free of any extravagance in the decoration, which is clever choice because often in a plethora ornaments lead to chaos in one design and complementary instead of actually injuring him. dramatic visual suggestion of the modern kitchen with doors extremely thick (thickness is 30 mm), which are available in several types of exotic wood, among which stand teak, ebony and rosewood with a Zebra pattern.
Luxury Kitchen  Sliding Cabinets
Luxury Kitchen Cabinets
In addition, included collection of equally luxury and modern kitchen  interior stainless steel appliances and ventilation vents, which are available in different types of wood, glass and stainless steel, and the perfect complement, either through a complete contrast to the cabinet "invisible" doors.

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